Property Management

Property management is first and foremost a matter of good workmanship. From managing a single property or condominium to handling an entire district, KKL can do it all:

  • Classic house and condominium management
  • Rental property management such as stabilization/increase of cash flow by means of long-term tenant loyalty and identification of rent increase potential
  • Standardization (of rental agreements, cost structures, etc.)
  • Receivables management
  • Management of maintenance and repairs
  • Transparent and timely reporting (day-by-day bookkeeping, systematic data procurement on liquidity, vacancies, and rental trends)
  • Proactive concepts for letting and marketing activities 

Together with its management specialist Gutburg-Mieterservice, KKL manages the real estate that is entrusted to it as if it were its own.

Where others frequently come unstuck on their clients’ conflicts of interest, KKL enjoys the trust of private owners, investment companies, banks, and insolvency administrators in equal measure.

Thursday, 27 April 2017  


figures/ data/ facts

702,930.33 m² under managemts ;

residential and
business units
- of these about
condominium units
 and more than
60investment companies with about
7,650residential and business units,
38 million
Euro annual rent,
650 million
Euro equity
  and more than


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